Smaller Project? But, still BIG Traffic!

It's funny, this video was made for the "old" project, but it's still holds true. Sure, the traffic counts are down a bit (Kilroy has not released numbers, but we estimate that it's still 23,000 to 24,000 additional trips per day!) Remember, while One Paseo claims a 30% reduction in project size, that does NOT hold for reduction in traffic counts. Think about the "smaller" project this way: starting from the DEIR values (the only project we have numbers for), the total office space drops about 10% and the total retail space drops about 9%. The hotel is entirely removed, but the hotel didn't generate much traffic in the first place. And, while the residential units are SMALLER, the number of units has NOT changed! That is, there will still be the same number of people, causing the same impact on our schools, streets, parks, etc. It's also interesting to note that Kilroy's 30% reduction relies on the total figures from some mythical initial project submission, one that was never really studied by the community and where traffic figures were never released. So, it's hard for us to compare anything to their starting point. We chose to use the DEIR values as a starting point, as we have more information on that project. Anyway, from a traffic standpoint, the reduction is more like 10 or 12%, leaving, by our estimate, an additional 23,000 or 24,000 cars on our roads every day.

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more traffic signals

I am not on board with this project at all.  I don't see how putting in more stop lights on DM Heights is deemed "traffic improvements".  I don't see enough parking places, I don't see how all the new people living in that small space are not going to overflow everything that is already overflowing.  

Have the developers tried parking at the Highlands on a Friday night?

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