What local residents are saying about One Paseo

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What does Carmel Valley really think about One Paseo? Here's a sample of responses from the more than 650 signers of our online petition, "Stop One Paseo, it's too big for Carmel Valley":

This massive project will destroy the community feeling and create significant traffic congestion. We do not want this area to be the next Golden Triangle. Bigger is not necessarily better. What ever happened to having open spaces and parks? This area is crowded enough already without adding One Paeso.
- Kyle McEntee

This project will cause significant negative impacts to our commmunity. It's too massive of a scale This project will reduce the quality of life rather than enhance it.
- Denise Brendel

Developement is WAY TOO BIG for the area. It needs to be scaled back to an appropriate size for the location. Developers come and go but the people who live and work here have to suffer the traffic congestion that follows!
- Stephanie Mason

This is way too much development for the land available. The road system will not support this.
- James Edwards

One of the reasons I like living up here is that there is hardly any traffic and it is easy to get on the freeway. This sounds like a monster of a development. If it does go ahead, make sure there is a Trader Joe's.
- Alison Hindley

I live here and this goes against every reason that Carmel Valley is my favorite neighborhood!
- Cynthia Hunter

Developer misrepresented One Paseo over the last year. This much larger development will have clear negative impacts on the traffic on Del Mar Heights Road, and will produce a much higher population density in this part of Carmel Valley. The negative traffic and density impact on local elementary and middle schools, and Torrey Pines High School is hard for the developer to deny. This development will fundamentally change the character of Carmel Valley from a safe, family-oriented community where children walk to school to a high-density, much more urban area. I and many others moved to Carmel Valley precisely because of its suburban character; this will destroy much of what attracted our families to this area.
- Michael Holst

This project will add ouragieos traffic problems and will make our small town feel like a city.
- Kelly Richards

I welcome mixed use development. I am signing this petition because the existing plan is too large for our community. We are not downtown or UTC. I moved to this community 21 years ago for a reason. This size planned development was not that reason.
- Lynwood Lary

The scale of the project is markedly inappropriate for the location - inadequate roads, no public transit, and wrong scale and character for the area. Among the negative impacts are compromised response times for fire and police. There is no unmet need that One Paseo would be satisfying, .What we do need is truly innovative, future- and community-focused, development.
- Adele Abrahamsen

Too much traffic and congestion already.
- Julie Union

This is an outrageous monstrosity. I have been a resident here for 17 years' and it is crowded enough. It is too large for this small area. The Ralph's shopping center is bad enough now, you can't even run an errand. This was suppose to be a nice beach city along with Del Mar. Now it is turining into a metropolis. Enough with Kilroy and their encroaching on our area with Valley Center Drive and those unattractive buildings and now this. This is enough!! It is outrageous.
- Denise Casino

- Robin Lipman

Razing nature for unnecessary development doesn't preserve Carmel Valley.
- Alan Francisco

There is no reson to build out beyond the current zoning limits, especially for this residential community. This will ruin the shool system, traffic patterns and loads, adverseley affect our home values and would be a completely oversized developement for this area.
- Charles Brinton

I live in Del Mar Heights and do most of my shopping in Carmel Valley. I am appalled that a project this out of place and out of proportion could have gotten this far, particularly without engaging the many surrounding communities, like ours, that will be as affected as Carmel Valley by the unacceptable increases in traffic One Paseo will generate. SCALE IT BACK to something reasonable and realistic for the site! We simply don't have the infrastructure in this area to support it.
- Sarah Lifton

I do not want this massive main street congesting my neighborhood!
- Lee Ann Elwell

I do not want this massive Development clogging our neighborhoods with additional traffic.
- Cynthia Beal

The traffic issues have not been adequately address and there is not enough additional quality athletic field space being added to parks to handle the residential portion of this project.
- Marybeth Norgren

How do the developers plan to ameliorate the severe impact One Paseo will have on the need to get fire and/or ambulance personnel across the I-5 at Del Mar Heights Rd. when the overpass is blocked due to traffic congestion? Will Kilroy be liable when lives are endangered because the ambulance is not be able get across the Del Mar Heights overpass to provide treatment in a timely manner?
- Douglas Phillipson

I'm very concerned that our elected/appointed officials are not asking more questions and challenging the developers to ensure that this project is the right size/scope for our community.
- Susan Miller

It is way too big a development and the traffic problems will be a nightmare!!
- Carol Lewis

This project is too huge for our neighborhood, the roads cannot handle it. It will bring crime and too much traffic. The area was Not zoned for it originally. It is not right for the character of the neighborhood.
- c.l. keller

I am very concerned about the size of this development. It is much denser and larger than the area is zoned for. The impact on this whole area, not just CV, will be substantial. It needs to be seriously scaled down.
- Carole Spragg

If I want acres of concrete,wall-to-wall cars and unrelenting smog, I can drive up the 5 to LA; we neither need nor want that expansion here.
- Walter Carlin

I think this project will forever ruin our community, irreparably.
- Lori Krummen

This project will lead to traffic gridlock for Carmel Valley and neighbors. Developer Kilroy, its time that you drop all the PR baloney you've been telling us and really start listening to the citizens of Carmel Valley!
- Kerry Key

Too big for site and community
- Susan Blacker

It will horribly overload the area.
- Steven McCracken

Yes, it's the traffic, but it's also the impact to the community character, as well as the bizarre extent to which Kilroy is trying to sell the project; what is it that they really want? Bringing in the Davies Public Affairs astroturf campaign in just pisses everyone off, and the green-washing by Kilroy and MoveSan Diego is the icing on the cake. Something is rotten, definitely, and yes, the traffic will be terrible.
- Carolyn Keen

At 4 times the allowed density for this property, this project is the equivalent of your next door neighbor in a residential neighborhood building an 8 story multifamily home. It's absurd on so many levels. The fact that it has gone this far points to very weak political leadership in our city.
- Steve Howe

A project of this magnitude will overconcentrate this area, turning it into a UTC-like area. Roads will become noisy and congested.
- Avi Shaprut

1. permanent traffic gridlock - 27,000 additional car trips per day and 2 additional traffic lights on Del Mar Heights Road between High Bluff and El Camino Real. 2. loss of community character - dense crowding of 5 to 10 story buildings with only about 4% percent of acreage as open space.
- Gabriele Prater

The project is completely out-of-scale for the neighborhood and has presented many serious unmitagatible traffic problems, does not address impact on local schools and will inhibit fire/police/ambulance access to the Torrey Pines (west of I-5) Community district.
- Richard Jack

I have lived here for nearly 12 years. The traffic on DMH road and at the DMH / El Camino Real intersection is already impacted creating dangerous situations to other drivers and pedestrians, many of whom are students.
- Elizabeth Prag

To make my voice heard on this very important issue, which as currently proposed would have a very adverse effect on the quality of life in Carmel Valley.
- John Faassen

This project is too large and will adversely impact quality of life in Carmel Valley due ti increased traffic and crowding from the 600 plus additional housing units.
- Andrew Barnes

Cannot handle more housing in our area. It will bring more people and cars. However, we could definitely use more shopping, restaurants, and other conveniences. This project needs to be pared back by cutting out all the new housing!!!
- Donna Pare

Urban density in a suburban environment should not be allowed. This is city planning 101.
- Karin Yoelin

One Paseo is far too dense. Four times what is zoned!!! There is no public transit to lighten the load of cars on our streets. They should use the allowable zoning and scale this way back.
- Dorothy Knox

In an area that is already extremely congested on I-5 and local streets at specific
- Barbara Wallach

Why would the city approve such a huge project for this small area?
- hours of the day

Concern regarding the impact on traffic
- Julie Phillips

This is not the Carmel Valley we moved into 27 years ago. It is too big. It will impact traffic, schools and be an eyesore. We do not need more office space, just drive down High Bluff and see the "For Lease" signs in front of every building. There are plenty of homes to buy or rent, don't need more. More normal shopping would be nice. We don't need a place to meet, we have the beach.
- Philip Levinson

Because I was born and raised in La Jolla when it was beautiful- and NOT overbuilt!. Raised my three children in Del Mar and The Carmel Valley area as it was BECOMING impacted with too many cars and humans! Has everyone forgotten the studies on overcrowding and the aggressive behavior that results?Just take a look at the Carmel Valley drivers now. Is that a safe level of cars and traffic for our kids/people to be subjected to? Architecture and Design trends are moving back to the small community feel. There are healthy reasons for this.
- Kathryn Murray

This area can't handle all of the people and congestion the project brings along with it! A mixed use development on a smaller scale with a park and more open green spaces would be better for the community and the environment!
- Stacey Klis

To support the grassroots efforts by the community against the money hungry developer (Kilroy) who is trying to bully its way through the system by hiring powerful lobbyists and misleading the public about their massive project that requires a city council approval since they are trying to build more than what they have permits for.
- Murat Erkam

Must keep developments within reasonable density limits.
- Chris Brisson

The project is much too large for the area, will result in major traffic impact, diminishing ability of emergency vehicle response times and includes no consideration of local school & park requirements.
- Jo Yeargin

The One Paseo project would impact traffic, schools, and community services in a large and negative way. The project should be scaled down to a size appropriate for the community.
- Amanda Chin

Don't let Del Mar Heights Road turn into a highh density development like La Jolla Village Drive.
- John Ross

We don't want West LA in our lovely community; Always about the developer money-STOP IT
- Scott Greer

I am signing to save our community from this outrageous scheme whose one aim is to line the pockets of the developers with no consideration at all for quality of life for those who live in or near the area.
- josephine moeller

Toooooo big. Don't want 10 Story buildings. Don't want anything bigger than is already on Del Mar Heights Rd.
- Catherine Carruthers

Mega buildings in/near a residential zone are completely inappropriate! I used to live and work in this area and still have many friends there. This high density development does NOT belong in this place!!!
- Sheelagh Williams

Proposed development too large for community and environs. Must be reducedto consider.
- cecile powers

I want a development that minimizes traffic impact and more closely matches what was originally approved for the site. I like the idea of a local "Main Street" but I don't want to fight traffic to get there!
- Steven Wingis

Totally inappropriate scale!
- Barbara Rakov

Too big. Buildings too high. Too much congestion on streets.
- Sanford Shapiro

The traffic on Del Mar Heights Rd is already stop & go at rush hour to/from interstate 5. Traffic conjestion & noise level will depreciate the value of our homes. I must keep my windows closed already, due to the traffic noise.
- Mary Boris

Too much density - out of character with the neighborhood - too much traffic - should stick with approved master plan which was what I counted on when I moved here 25 years ago - don't want to live in UTC - made a conscious choice to move to this area because of better ambience.
- Lynne Gulizia

The One Paseo proposal is far too big for our roads and facilities. The development should be only be allowed at the current limit of 510,000 square feet.
- Michael Durkin

I am against this development.
- Mary Ellen Perry

Although I strongly support property rights, I resent government promoting the "stack-em & pack-em" agenda by granting 4 times the allowed density to this project to achieve it - this proposal is WAY too much for this location.
- Kit Leeger

This is pure density in an area with ZERO infrastructure to support it!!
- Taylor Yoelin

Project is much too large for the parcel and will cause more traffic congestion than already exists at the corner of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Rd.
- Lilia Rivas

The traffic and visual impacts are detrimental to the property values and community character. There are no benefits to the project that could not be achieved with a smaller scale mixed use project that would not exceed the traffic thresholds that the existing community plan currently permits.
- Ross Sutherland

This development is much too dense for this location. With no public transportation, traffic would become much worse than now. A scaled down project makes sense, But twith the newly rennovated Del Mar Highlands Towne Center, and its many restaurants and Cinepolis across the street) it is unneeded and completely inappropriate for our community.
- Phoebe and Gene Telser

Del Mar heights road has enough traffic. I drive my child to and from Torrey Pines high school every week day. It already takes almost 9 minutes to drive 2.3miles.
- Barbara Mitchell

This project is much too large and doesn't benefit the community in any way, but will, in fact, significantly intrude on the existing communities. It is ENORMOUS and will tax the roads, schools, and other community operations.
- Susannah Stern

The proposed property is too dense; traffic is already horrid; we do not need a "main street"--del mar highlands shopping center provides a very nice Camel Valley central location feel now. And the parking there is terrible. And you want more???
- Susan Waggener

I moved from Del Mar Highlands January 2012 after living there for eight years. I rejected One Paseo then and wish to support my former neighborhood and friends' future. The construction noise and dirt and the accelerated traffic + added population will crush what is working well for the present.
- Dorothy Belknap

I have lived in Carmel Valley since 1987 and seen the coommunity grow and mature. Nothing in those 25 years has threatened our quality of life like this project. It is a thinly veiled land grab that will erase the intent of a master plan conceived so many years ago. Do not sell out this neigborhood.
- Graham Avis

Traffic, crime element, don't want this big mall influence near my kids. Look at what happened in neighborhoods near a similar project near the Irvine Spectrum. Go see....it's not worth it.
- Blair Lindberg

[I am against One Paseo because] I live here.
- Alejandro Hussong

I don't want more traffic and crowd in our area.We don't need this project ,we have already everthing in our community .
- hulya saygin

I do no want to be stuck in the projected 30,000 car traffic.
- Nahid Nariman

The community plan promised us a much lower density project. One Paseo is much too high density, will affect traffic, and the 10-story office and residential buildings are way outside the bounds of the plan for our community. I have lived in CV for 25 years and DO NOT want One Paseo to happen!
- Wendy Avis

Very concerned about traffic congestion- Love the concept, just the wrong site for it
- Jodi StoloveBartlett

Appropriate growth does not always equate to buildings. Growth should include more parks and ecological developments.
- Irene Kirkconnell

This project is much too big for this area. It is unnecessary & will cause further traffic congestion.
- Danielle Smith

Too tall/huge. A quaint shopping center no more than 3 stories tall is more appropriate
- Kathi Kostoff

Way to big.To much traffic and people.WE MUST STOP THIS GREED!!!!!!!
- hugh belasco

We moved to Carmel Valley for the character of the community. This project will drastically alter that. Traffic jams and high density housing are a couple reasons we did not choose to live in downtown.
- Michael Karres

Don't want to live in UTC 2!
- Kathryn Nielsen

We live in the area since 1993 and we have experienced the gradual degradation of the area due mostly to poorly planned developments in Carmel Valley, we don't need another bad example! Definitively NO HIGH DENSITY DEVELOPMENTS in the area should be allowed. The SCALE IT BACK option seems a reasonable alternative and ERASE THE RESIDENTIAL PORTION OF THIS PROJECT and perhaps make it more a European style Plaza where people can gather, relax and socialize -- this will help building a community!
- Rosario Billetta

The area peaked in the late 1990's and has become worse ever since. Del Mar Heights Road is jammed with traffic almost every single day, to the point that my family and I avoid the area as much as possible. Too many people trying to get maximum profit out of their opportunities. I cant say I blame them, but once the development is done and they cash in they are gone and usually have no vested interest in what the area's future holds. The longtime residents, the ones who care about the area and know it's beautiful past, are left to deal with the problems created by too many outsiders playing the money grab game. Go Home!
- Loren Barnes

Project too large and will creat traffic havoc. It will destroy the beautiful Del Mar Highlands Shopping center. There are enough restaurants and stores to support the surrounding area, we don't need more.
- Diane Kephart

This place is already overcrowded. I am living here for 20 years. Wehardly find parking place in Delmar Highland Town Center, which is at the same intersection across OnePaseo. Please STOP the detioration of this family community into a Market Bazar!! So Help Us God!
- Kunal Roy

It will destroy the residential nature of the surrounding communities.
- Eric Daniels

Project is too big
- Gary Sciarappa

I live here, it would change our cummunity for the worst (too much traffic, more crime, more people we dont want or need, make the police work hard, and make our community no different from downtown,)
- kevin yeh

This sounds like a bit too massive and the developer could have been a bit more upfront about its objectives.
- Binhai Zheng

We lived in Carmel Valley for 7 years and can't imagine how a project like this will NOT destroy the community by creating enormous gridlock and overcrowding!
- kari grabowsky

Need smaller scale development at this site.
- Judy Pettigrew-Boyle

We don't need or want additional traffic or all those additional people inour community. It is already full.
- Jean Mollenhauer

One Paseo is too big for our community and does not satisfy the existing needs of our community.
- Gail Chatfield

This mega project is NOT acceptable to our quiet Del Mar/carmel valley community and will create havoc in traffic and congession
- thomas carruthers

Congestion! More cars, more people, more crime, more accidents. I worry for my young daughter.
- jonathan rosenberg

Major boondoggle! How about a few Hotel/ Resort projects instead? First-class with nice grounds.
- Tom McGehee

San Diego is not meant to be like Los Angeles. A small community village would be great, but it shouldn't be this big!
- Ken Farinsky



No To One Paseo!!!

The sheer scale and density of this proposed project  simply does not fit in the neighborhood community of Carmel Valley where we have chosen to live in for the past 10 years!  The DEIR 's acknowledge unmitagatable negative impacts of One Paseo would negatively change the face of our community forever.  

Too Big for Carmel Valley

Those of us who reside in Carmel Valley will be affected the most. We, the COMMUNITY of Carmel Valley do not want a huge monster Main Street.  Kilroy should build to the original size of the existing zoning plans. This looks like a big money maker for Kilroy... at our expense. 

Gridlock, Degraded Quality of Life

My daily work commute requires that I drive from El Camino Real to Hwy. 5 via Del Mar Hts. Rd. The traffic at times is so heavy that I encounter a gridlock delay in that short drive. A high density project as proposed by Kilroy will degrade my lifestyle on a daily basis. Furthermore, it will victimize the Carmel Valley residents who use Del Mar Hts. Rd. or El Camino Real for their daily commute.

No To One Paseo

You think you're having trouble parking in the Ralph's lot now? You commute on DM Heights Rd and wait for 10 minutes to even get on the freeway during commuting hours? Does anyone but the developer really want a 10 story building towering over the rest of the community? It's astonishing that this bloated behemoth of a project is even being proposed by Kilroy. I suspect Kilroy's owners wouldn't appreciate two 10 story buildings and the traffic snarls that come with it near where they live...

Office space

There is so much existing office space on el camino as it is...why is there a need for more?  Building after building has signs out front, including Kilroys own properties.  How many business owners will want to commute through 30k cars anyway if they can find more competitive pricing in Sorrento Valley?

What else can we do?

Like most Carmel Valley residents, I want to scale back the One Paseo development as much as possible.  I certainly don't want a large shopping center built right here.

My question is, what else can I do to actually make an impact?  I've already don'e the following:

1. Signed the petition

2. Written to all 4 people listed here http://www.whatpricemainstreet.com/get-involved (Sheri Lightner, Bob Filner, etc)

Anything else?  I've listened in to one of the planning meetings, but it didn't seem like I was making a difference by being there.

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