Compromise Reached

After six years of working to achieve a more appropriate One Paseo for Carmel Valley, members of What Price Main Street? and other community groups previously opposed to the project have reached an agreement with Kilroy Realty. This agreement resulted in the developer supporting a rescission of the project by the City Council, with a new project being put forward that reduces impacts on the community, while retaining community benefits and offering needed amenities.

While the new project is not yet fully defined, it will be designed based on reducing the traffic by half. Kilroy would have to create a new project with half the automobile trips and then work with the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board to gain approval for this new update to the Carmel Valley Community Plan.

What Price Main Street? supports these efforts!

From the beginning, we have wanted a mixed use project, asking only that it respect the community plan that is so important in guiding growth in our area. We are hopeful that this agreement will address the concerns of the local neighborhoods, communities and cities that would be most impacted, while ensuring the development retains the amenities needed to make it a successful addition to the area.

Following the council’s rescission of its February 23rd approval of the One Paseo project, Kilroy is expected to submit plans for a new project, which will undergo the City of San Diego’s planning review process. We will work to keep you updated on this new project and keep the approval process transparent.

Thank you again for your continued support. Together, we are on the way toward realizing an appropriately sized One Paseo!